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What Is Zomato Gold And Who’s Making Money Off Of It?

What Is Zomato Gold And Who’s Making Money Off Of It?

What Is Zomato Gold?

To all foodies like me, Zomato Gold comes as a blessing from above. The kind Lord has finally paid heed to our prayers!

Zomato Gold is essentially a subscription-based membership plan where Zomato has tied up with over 2000+ restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars to provide two kinds of offers:-

  • 1 + 1 on Food (Same or lesser value)
  • 2 + 2 on Drinks (Alcohol only)

Who’s Making Money Off Of It?

This is an interesting question that kept me occupied for countless nights. A lot of blogs talk about the benefits of Zomato Gold for you and why you should be interested.

Indeed a bold move by Zomato but who pays for the complimentary dish? Does Zomato bear the expenses or do the restaurants have to shell out the extra dish? I thought of doing some research in order to find out who is the saint bearing the expenses.

When I purchased Zomato Gold, it was available at an inaugural price of Rs. 299 (3-months) and Rs. 999 (12-months).

For a regular foodie like me, Rs. 100 a month (in the case of the base plan) is a negligible amount to even think twice about. Hell, I recovered more than what I paid for on my first ‘Gold’ night out itself.

Turns out it’s the Restaurants who are the ones bearing the additional offer cost.

“Zomato Gold members are not bargain hunters, but folks who enjoy going out and exploring new places. Our members are offered not just complementary dishes/drinks, but are also given access to exclusive events at Gold partner restaurants. Thus we will allow our Gold restaurant partners the opportunity to get more people to try their place, and if the experience is great to create loyal patrons of their own,” says Zomato.


All in all it’s a win-win situation for all three actors in the well-planned subscription service.

Customers- benefit by getting a great deal, allowing them to spend more on consumption.

Zomato- benefits by getting a huge revenue boost from loyal paying customers well over 80,000+ in number.

Restaurants- benefit by getting traffic from loyal innovators and early adopters who would love to try out their place (given an incentive) and shine above the clutter.

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